Polonez Dance Company


Polonez Dance Company was founded in 1989. The group is dedicated to propagating and preserving Polish heritage and culture in Southern California and beyond. It does so by introducing and presenting customs, traditions, cuisine, music, and traditional folk dancing from various regions of Poland.

   The group's founder, Mrs. Ewa Chrzanowski, initially discovered her passion for Polish dance when she was part of Krakowiaki Dance Ensemble in San Antonio, Texas. After moving to San Diego, Mrs. Chrzanowski invited her friend, Mrs. Barbara Bojar, to join her as Polonez's first choreographer. The two friends worked together to find dancers among the local Polish community. Very soon, they gathered a group consisting of friends and family members, including Mrs. Chrzanowski's husband, Ryszard.

   The International Festival in El Cajon was one of the first major events that Polonez participated in. It turned out to be a tremendous success. Within two days, the group managed to collect enough funds to purchase their own sound system as well as expand their costume wardrobe. With help from a friend, Mrs. Alicja Mogilska, new elegant costumes from the Warsaw Duchy region were created. Polonez was now ready to conquer stages in other cities.

   The group actively participated in numerous charitable events such as a concert organized to raise money to help victims of the devastating earthquake that shook San Francisco in 1989.

   Shortly after, Polonez became a member of the Polish National Alliance (PNA), one of the largest and oldest leading Polish fraternal organizations in the US. It was formed to unite Poles in America, to protect their interests, encourage their progress as American citizens as well as preserve their national heritage and culture. With financial and ideological support from PNA, Polonez participated in various charitable events and cultural festivals aimed at helping Polish communities and organizations in need, in Poland as well as in the United States.

   In 2002, Ms Ewa Stanislawska joined Polonez. With her extensive background in ballet and strive for perfection, she quickly became the group's new choreographer. Under her guidance, Polonez attended and performed at numerous concerts and international festivals.

   Watching performances of various dance ensembles inspired Mrs. Chrzanowski to create Maly Polonez, a group established especially for kids. It was officially founded in 2012 and led by one of Polonez's dancers, Ms Ewa Seibak. A year later, Ms Natalie Barnas became Maly Polonez's new choreographer. With her guidance, young Polonez students are continuing to learn more about Polish dance and culture.

    2014 marks the 25th anniversary of Polonez. Over the years, numerous people have contributed to the success of the Dance Company. However, it is also important to note that the group's heritage reaches beyond the Polish community. It unites people of different nations through their love of music, dance, and Polish culture. It is always stated before each performance: "You don't have to be Polish to dance with us. Everybody is welcome."


Welcome to Polonez Dance Company!

Zbojnicki - Men Dance form the Mountains

Cyganskie - Women Gypsy Dance

Beskid Slaski Suite

Dances from Krakow

Zorba Greek Dance

Balboa Park Performance

Nations of San Diego 
International Dance Festival 2015

will be held in the beautiful historic Spreckels Theater in downtown San Diego. 

The Festival will again feature over 300 dancers and musicians representing cultures spanning the globe. 

Performances for the 2015 Nations Dance Festival will be the week of March 16-22.http://nationsdancefestival.comhttp://nationsdancefestival.comhttp://nationsdancefestival.comhttp://livepage.apple.com/shapeimage_5_link_0shapeimage_5_link_1shapeimage_5_link_2